Zoom Player Home MAX(电影播放器)

Zoom Player Home MAX(电影播放器)

V14.1.0 Build 1410中文多语免费版

  • 2018-02-02
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Zoom Player 是一套免费、小巧好用的媒体播放程序,他根据消除 OverScan 来提升画面输出的品质,括支持 MPEG4 的格式如 DivX PG、ASF、AVI 等及全屏幕、播放列表等外,还包括好用的控制 BAR 及使用背景颜色来测试显示器的明亮度功能。

Zoom Player是由Inmatrix公司开发一款加强型Windows Media Player外壳播放器。拥有最强大的Direct Show滤镜/分离器控制系统,使您可以随心所欲的定义播放环节中的每一个技术细节。强大的OSD屏幕状态显示功能,丰富的细致的系统细节设置考虑到了几乎所有人使用习惯问题。丰富的DVD章节控制和编辑功能使您充分享受到DVD的互动乐趣。

Zoom Player 是由 inmatrix 公司开发一款加强型 Windows Media Player 外壳播放器拥有最强大的 Direct Show 滤镜/分离器控制系统使您可以随心所欲的定义播放环节中的每一个技术细节。强大的 OSD 屏幕状态显示功能。丰富的细致的系统细节设置考虑到了几乎所有人使用习惯问题。丰富的 DVD 章节控制和编辑功能使您充分享受到 DVD 的互动乐趣。

Zoom Player 工作于两种模式,即媒体模式和 DVD 模式。媒体模式能够播放任何 DirectShow 支持的文件 (任何能用 Windows Media Player 播放的文件),DVD 模式使用预安装 DirectShow DVD 滤镜播放 DVD 内容。


Zoom Player MAX 中文注册版在 Windows PC 平台是最强大的,灵活的和可定制的媒体播放器应用程序。根据我们的高度智能播放技术,更多的媒体格式播放支持,提高了稳定性和更高的性能。
Zoom Player MAX  中文注册版拥有经典媒体播放器的外观,隐藏设计有一个简单的5键(上/下/左/右/选择)全屏导航界面功能强大的媒体中心应用程序。 5 – 关键系统提供简单的导航拥有先进的接口。接口如媒体库,文件浏览器,播放列表,色彩控制,音频均衡器,书签,播放历史等等。变焦播放器的媒体中心简单性使得它非常适合用户以前没有电脑的经验。
Zoom Player MAX 中文注册版您可以立即转换任何PC变成家庭娱乐中心(HTPC),没有专门的硬件要求和操作系统。变焦播放器与运行的每一个版本的Windows。
使用 Zoom Player MAX  中文版的模块化设计和灵活性,您可以轻松地设计一个安全的观看环境,限制或扩展功能,使得它非常适合新手和专业人士。
Zoom Player MAX 中文注册版是完全可扩展的,支持最新媒体格式和接口。新功能包含不断与发布时间表和功能集成明确宣布对我们的支持论坛,Twitter和Facebook页面。
Zoom Player MAX 中文注册版安装中心快速扫描您的系统丢失或过时的媒体组件,并自动推荐更新的安装目录为您介绍,使您的系统保持最新与最新的技术。


DVD,蓝光(解密主要影片播放)的Matroska(MKV),MPEG2传输(TS/TP/TSP/TRP/M2T/M2TS/MTS/PVA/TOD),H.264和AVCHD格式(MPEG4 AVC),XVID,DIVX ,AVI,Flash视频(FLV)时,Windows Media(WMV / ASF),的QuickTime(MOV/ HDMOV),奥格电影(OGM),Theora格式(远洋船),Real Media格式(RM / RMVB),影像光盘(VCD),超级VCD (SVCD),MPEG(MPG),MPEG2节目(M2V/VOB/MOD),MPEG4(SP/ ASP),ISO的MPEG4(MP4),媒体中心硬盘录像机(DVR-MS),摄像机(MOD/ TOD),数字视频(DV),VP3,VP6,VP7,动态JPEG(MJPEG),闪存(SWF),手机3GPP(3GP/3G2),FLIC(FLI/ FLC)等等。

Zoom Player MAX 中文注册版支持交互式格式:
Zoom Player MAX  中文注册版支持图片格式:


Zoom Player Max 14.1 更新日志 :
* Automatic support for native Windows 7-10 media library folder structure(previously only the more basic Windows XP-Vista library structure was supported).
* New setting (Adv. Options / File Format Association / File Extensions” to instruct Zoom Player to process “.m3u8” playlists.
This setting is disabled by default as it can cause conflicts with services that require DirectShow filters to process this type of playlist format.
* New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / File Tracker) to specify the download tracking plugins refresh rate.
This value only affects the media library and file browsing navigation interfaces, the download tracking navigation interface refreshes at a higher rate automatically.
Please note that using a low number (under 10 seconds) may impact performance when tracking large file lists (over 10,000 entries).
* New setting on the Torrents download & tracking plugin to prevent it from passing file entries to Zoom Player that do not actually exist on the disk drive. This setting is off by default but can increase performance when dealing with a large number of torrents that were only partially downloaded.
* New setting on the Torrents download & tracking plugin to prevent it from passing file entries to Zoom Player that are marked as “do not download”. This setting is off by default.
Enabling this setting can reduce some computations and speed up the listing process but at the same time it prevents you from later changing the download priority on these files.
* New setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Audio / Visualizations) to enable Zoom Player’s DSP filter only for visualizations.
* New setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Audio / Visualizations) to set an initial audio re-synchronization value for visualizations (Zoom Player’s DSP filter is required for this setting to function).
* The last play position is now drawn over the thumbnail in TV Jukebox mode.
+ Windows 10 creators edition changed how fonts are rendered by enabling clear-type rendering at higher resolutions. Clear-type is a lot slower to draw and at resolutions above 1080p causes severe performance degradation in Zoom Player’s fullscreen navigation interfaces.
Previously, to solve this issue, you could set Zoom Player to override windows’ font rendering. From this version, the setting is enabled by default (you can still change it manually under “Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / Customization”).
+ Zoom Player’s default window size for the onyx skin was changed to present a default video size of 960×540 (up from the previous 604×340) and for the alba skin, the default video size was changed to 1280×720.
+ You can now press the escape key to cancel a ‘play all files in folder’ feature mid-action. Accidentally playing an entire drive could have caused Zoom Player to appear unresponsive.
+ You can now press any navigation key to cancel a ‘play all files in folder’ feature mid-action.
+ The download plugins synchronization has been completely rewritten, and should no longer cause any user interface slow-downs.
+ The torrents plugin has been greatly optimized, working much faster with large file lists.
+ The download fullscreen navigation interface should scroll much smoothly when dealing with a large number of files.
+ The YouTube (Channel/Search/Trending), Playlist and RSS Feed media library plugins have been optimized for greater performance.
+ Optimized core string handling routines, improving script parsing(e.g. Skin parsing) and other areas.
+ Media Library plugin result entries now display the media’s title instead of the file name or URL in list mode (previously the title only showed in thumbnail mode).
+ A ‘processing, please hold …’ message now appear when it takes Zoom Player longer to close due to background tasks (media scraping,download plugin sync) still being active.
+ Switching between fullscreen and windowed mode while the media library is opened should be cleaner and faster (less visual junk in the transition).
– Opening the media library, especially on 4K displays showed a low resolution image of the media library for a split second before displaying the full resolution version.
The double-draw event caused both the described visual glitch as well as a performance penality.
– Resizing the Zoom Player window while the media library was visible in thumbnail mode could cause the thumbnails to display in the wrong size.
– Selecting a custom Audio Renderer for audio visualizations did not work well (the wrong audio renderer was used at times).
– Loading a text file would not display the file name in the title area.
– Using the Stop function to close the playing media did not work if the playing media was a text file.
– Fixed a scraping bug where the “.nfo” file detection algorithm would fail with files/folders names containing unicode characters.
– Fixed a possible crash that would trigger sometimes on an initial run after a fresh install.
– Fixed a crash when playing a live video stream using MadVR as the video renderer and trying to use the pause button on the control bar.
– Opening the file browsing and download manager fullscreen navigation interfaces will no longer freeze for two seconds if the Torrents download plugin is enabled and qBittorrent isn’t running.
– Opening the file browsing and download manager fullscreen navigation interfaces will no longer freeze for long periods if qBittorrent is seeding many torrents.
– The media library should no longer freeze for a few seconds when retrieving large file lists from qBittorrent using the Torrents plugin.
– The information dialog (“I” keyboard macro) did not show up when playing in fullscreen on a secondary monitor.
– The torrents download plugin was not recognizing a file’s download priority correctly after the latest qBittorrent release.
– The torrents download plugin was listing files returned by qBittorrent but no longer existing on the disk drive in the root folder instead of their (no longer existing) path.
– The currently selected playlist editor entries would lose their selection if a playlist update was triggered after the listed media’s duration has been scraped.
– Trying to play a streaming media URL that contained trailing spaces would fail. Trailing spaces are now trimmed (you can still use encoded space characters in the URL).
– The Lock-UI (user interface) feature used to prevent accidental clicks did not block some click and double-click actions.
– The Dolby Digital Plus audio format was not being displayed with an icon on the TV and Movie jukebox screens.
– The play position tool-tip was sometimes displayed in the wrong screen position on multi-monitor displays.
– MIDI audio playback should be more reliable.
– The media library’s playlist plugin no longer shows an invalid duration value if the playlist entry has no duration.

Zoom Player Max 14.0 更新日志 :
* New Download & Tracking plugin API has been developed. The API specifies which file extensions or URL sub-string matches to pass to the Download & Tracking API instead of trying to play.
This information is specified under:Adv. Options / File Format Association / File Extensions : Download
The API can be used create a plugin that integrate with 3rd party download software or directly download the content itself.
The tracking portion of the API shows the currently download state and whether there’s a good chance the download is currently playable.This information is displayed in the media library, file browsing and download tracking fullscreen navigation interfaces.
* The download tracking navigation interface has been enhanced with the ability to predict when you can begin playing a media file while it is still downloading.
When using the new Torrents plugin, the prediction is based on the number of torrent pieces that have successfully downloaded from the beginning and end of the media file.
By default this is 2% from the beginning of the file and 1% from the end.
A custom build of qBittorrent 3.4b2 is now available in both 32bit and 64bit versions. This custom build is required for the new Torrents plugin to start torrents in sequential download, set torrent speeds and determine if a media file has enough pieces downloaded that playback can begin.
Download 32bit/64bit:
This custom functionality is already integrated into qBittorrent’s code base and should be available in the next official release.
Without the updated qBittorrent EXE you will see a “?” next to the file names in the download tracker instead of the playback readiness icons andnew torrents will not download automatically in sequential order or at the specified dl/ul rates.
A quick slideshow demonstrating how to use the Torrents plugin:https://www.facebook.com/zoomplayer/videos/1475689062513061/
We are building a library and possibly a seed-box to show case public- domain and creative commons videos. If you would like to expose your video to Zoom Player’s user base, please contact us at:https://inmatrix.com/email/business.shtml
* Download tracking plugins can be enabled, disabled and configured through a new interface under “Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / File Tracker”.
* New Playlist media library source plugin that lets you assign any playlist as a media library category.
* The media library fullscreen interface’s settings page can now be used to select the Audio Rendering device (audio output), making it easy to switch between different output modes (switching audio between rooms,speaker setups, headphone output, etc).
* The media library fullscreen interface’s settings page can now be used to select the Video Rendering device, making it easy to test out different rendering qualities or in cases where a particular videomay not play correctly in your preferred video renderer.
* New “Facebook” smart play profile for playing facebook video URLs using the 3DYD directshow filter.
* New “Vimeo” smart play profile for playing viemo video URLs using the 3DYD directshow filter.
* New “Daily Motion” smart play profile for playing Daily Motion video URLs using the 3DYD directshow filter.
* New “Streaming Services” smart play profile supporting streaming videos from:
- bofunk.com
- break.com
- ebaumsworld.com
- godtube.com
- liveleak.com
- tcmag.com
- teamfourstar.com
- veoh.com
- vk.com
- vkmag.com
- yourepeat.com
* New feature (Adv. Options / Playback / History) to prevent files or URLs from being saved to the play history. All you need to do is specify a partial string, for example “\some folder name\” or “someurl.org”.
* New feature (Adv. Options / Playback / History) to hide files or URLs from being displayed in the play history dialogs while still remember the last playback position, volume, subtitle track,etc. All you need to do is specify a partial string, for example”\some older name\” or “someurl.org”.
* New feature (Adv. Options / Playback / Controls) to disable seeking controls when playing files or URLs containing a specified path or text.
* New feature (Adv. Options / Playback / Audio / Visualizations) to override the audio renderer when playing with visualization.
This allows you to use the “DC-Crossfading Audio Renderer” to support a volume fading effect on Start/End/Play/Stop/Seek only when playing withvisualizations. This is similar to how WinAmp fades audio between tracks.
Download the DC-Crossfading Audio Renderer here:(https://www.dsp-worx.de/?n=14)
* New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation) to display all navigation interfaces on a secondary monitor.
* New setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Controls) that controls whether Zoom Player switches to the next/previous track when using next/previous chapter function on a media that does not contain chapters.This setting is enabled by default.
* New setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Audio / Visualizations) that can force playback to delay for a specified number of milliseconds after finishing to play a track with audio visualizations.
* New setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Audio / Visualizations) that specifies the visualization rendering frame rate, by default 30fps.
* New Setting (Adv. Options / Playback) that reloads a live stream if the stream disconnects unexpectedly.
* New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Playlist) to automatically play the next media in the playlist after deleting the currently playingmedia. This setting is disabled by default.
* New “Scrape using media derived title (instead of file name)”media library category setting used to scrape online for content based on the media’s title (instead of the file name).
* New “Do not display the media’s position/duration on top of thumbnails” media library category setting to prevent the current play position and the media’s duration from appearing on top of thumbnails.
* New “Do not display a media format (audio/video/picture) icon on top of thumbnails” media library category setting to prevent the drawing of a media format indicator icon from appearing on top of thumbnails.
* New Setting (Adv. Options / On Screen Display) that controls the OSD clock position.
* You can now create and save chapter points (bookmarks) for streaming URLs.
* When taking screenshots of the playing video (Alt+F keyboard macro),the current play position is now saved as part of the file name.
* The fullscreen information navigation interface now includes media format information extracted using the MediaInfo.dll plugin.
* New (optional) control bar button to open/hide the fullscreen stream selection navigation interface.
* New “exSetAudTrack” extended function that sets the current audio track.
* New “exSetSubTrack” extended function that sets the current subtitle track.
+ The media library “TheMovieDB” plugin’s Movie/TV detection accuracy has increased by cropping out more undesired key-words from file/folder names, using a fuzzy search algorithm to better detect non-exact movie names matches and preferring a release year with a partial name match to an exact name match with a mismatched release date.
+ The internal image decoder (JPEG/GIF/PNG/BMP) is now capable of downloading and displaying images directly from web servers(e.g. a playlist full of image URLs).
+ Using the “open streaming link” or “open streaming link from keyboard”functions will now relay downloadable URLs to any matching download plugin(for example .torrent/magnet links) without affecting the current playback.
+ The media library ‘RSS Feed’ plugin now caps the maximum cached entries to 2000 and the description length to 3500 characters. Otherwise, over time the RSS plugin data would become too large and would stop displaying.
+ The playlist fullscreen navigation interface now draws a playing icon next to the currently playing track.
+ The YouTube Search and Trending media library plugins will now use a search/trending thumbnail when creating new categories.
This change does not apply to previously created categories. The new images can be manually assigned using the category configuration dialog.
By default the new images are located here using Windows 64bit: “c:\Program Files (x86)\Zoom Player\MediaNavPlugins\YouTube_Search.jpg” “c:\Program Files (x86)\Zoom Player\MediaNavPlugins\YouTube_Trending.jpg”
And here using Windows 32bit: “c:\Program Files\Zoom Player\MediaNavPlugins\YouTube_Search.jpg” “c:\Program Files\Zoom Player\MediaNavPlugins\YouTube_Trending.jpg”
+ The new version update notification will now include a condensed highlight list of what changed in the latest version (will only appear in the next version released after this one).
+ The “Scrape folder thumbnails by using the name of the first video file within the folder instead of the folder name” media library category setting now works better in TV Jukebox mode by scraping only for the show name, no longer scraping season/episode numbers from the file name.
+ Pruning the play history (using the button) no longer erases URL entries, only local files that were erased from the disk drive.
+ The thumbnail and meta-data cache folder is now cleared once a week instead of on every exit, improving the time it takes Zoom Player to close.
+ Many of the main navigation icons were polished to give the default navigation theme a more consistent look.
+ The “unknown” icon has been updated to better suit the UX design.
+ The media library plugin API can now accept local-file thumbnails when creating new categories.
- Fixed a major issue with random play that would cause it to stop working after the entire playlist has been finished playing one time.
- Installing an audio device or a custom audio renderer filter would change the selected audio renderer for DVDs and WMP ActiveX playback.
- Fixed a crash when trying to open a URL from the clipboard when the clipboard contained junk text.
- Using local settings files while running multiple Zoom Player instances from different folders prevented changed settings from being saved.
- Zoom Player didn’t look for subtitles in the XySubFilter’s paths definition, causing subtitles not to load when they were not in the same folder as the video.
- Playing a media from the windows explorer (or other 3rd party software) would show an “are you sure?” prompt by accident.
- Fixed a crash when trying to load a malformed play history cache file.
- The Zoom Player Install Center and Zoom Player itself were out of sync, triggering a new components update notification to appear within 2 weeks after running the Instal Center.
- Registry entries were not being saved/loaded properly when running Zoom Player in Windows Vista compatibility mode (and possibly other compatibility modes). This of course lead to instability.
- When enabling the “Seek to key-frames when using LAV Video decoder (faster, less accurate seeking)” setting, some file handles were not properly closed, preventing the playing media from being erased until Zoom Player was closed.
- The key-mapping editor’s search feature did not work.
- Fixed a freeze triggered by the media library’s ‘RSS Feed’ plugin on certain RSS feeds that used an ASCII #13 as a line break.
- When playing a SHOUTcast stream, the playlist editor cleared the selected entry every second.
- Smart Play’s “Configure File Source” dialog did not set a default value for the “Use with” field when a non-english language pack was used.
- The “stay on top” setting would stop functioning when exiting fullscreen mode with the playlist editor visible.
- The Windows Picture Library and Music Library (system folders) may not have displayed with the correct thumbnail layout in the media library.
- The controlbar’s volume pop-up slider did not appear in the correct position under some circumstances.
- Fixed a glitch where TAG display for a local file playback would show “???” instead of international characters.
- Fixed an issue where audio visualization wouldn’t render in the correct resolution when changing the visualization display size.
- Wrong duration displayed in the playlist when using Windows Media Player’s ActiveX control to play streaming media.
- Double-clicking a station list entry to begin playback while the media library was opened could trigger a playback of whatever was highlighted in the media library instead of the station list entry.
- Hiding the “Media Scanner” and “Remove Category Folder(s)” from the media library’s category listing would break keyboard quick search from working on the last category listed.
- In some cases, when using the “Media Close Delay” feature, the delay would be twice as long as the specified value.
- Playback of ASX playlists did not work.
- With some language packs, the text for the station manager’s left column would cut-off.
- Debug logs related to kinetic scrolling were being saved by the non-debug version.
- The Double-Click function did not work when clicking audio visualizations.
- The default value for the new “Navigation on Monitor” setting was accidentally set to as fullscreen on a the first monitor instead of the current monitor (within the window or fullscreen).
- Fixed a crash when trying to close the media library just as it was being opened.
- Fixed a bug in the smart play source filter “new profile” dialog which caused the “use with the following URLs” entries to be lost when pressing smart play’s auto-configure button.
- The OSD clock is now closed when the options dialog is open as it caused other windowed opened through the options dialog to hidebehind the options dialog window.
- Fixed a few small memory leaks.

Zoom Player Max 13.7 更新日志 :

+ Adding chapters using the chapter editor will now instantly show the chapter’s position in the timeline (if timeline display is enabled).

– Fixed a bug in countries with a comma decimal symbol where the media library thumbnails text height and spacing got truncated.

For example:

A thumbnail’s Text Height of “1.95%” resulted in an actual text height of “1%”.

– Loading “.PLS/.XSPF” playlists where the first item in the playlist did not play (e.g. “server down”) would trigger an infinite loop and Zoom Player froze.

– The inactive navigation txt-lines background was not being drawn.

– The “I” key will again close the information dialog if it is visible.

– The media library category sorting order and last folder position could get reset under some conditions due to insufficient registry memory allocation.

– Setting the control bar to appear with a fixed width while in fullscreen did not show the control bar in the right position (or at all) on secondary monitors.

– Setting the control bar to appear at the top or bottom of the screen did not show the control bar in the right position (or at all) on secondary monitors.

– The media library category editor did not show the currently enabled scraping mode, thumbnail aspect ratio and thumbnail columns when a language pack was installed.

– The playlist editor line-spacing did not work well with every font.

– Slight adjustment to the media library’s thumbnail text drawing to better account for fonts with less-uniform character heights.

– It was possible for a new components/filters notification to trigger without new components being available. It was triggered due to a new version of Zoom Player being available on the install center. Since player updates has its own notification, this message is redundant.


1、如果出现“完整性校验失败”信息, 请删除注册表项 HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VirtuaMedia 然后重新运行。
2、简体中文语言包可以在线下载的,进入安装中心(Install Center)点 Language 标签,选 Simplified Chinese 再点击“Install Selected Components”下载并安装所选语言文件。再到设置里选择即可。