Verto Studio 3D for Mac (3d建模软件)

Verto Studio 3D for Mac (3d建模软件)

V2.1.4 官方版

  • 2016-01-26
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Verto Studio 3D for Mac (3d建模软件)是一款运行在Mac OS 平台上的3D 建模软件,跟其他 3D 建模软件不同的是,Verto Studio 3D for Mac (3d建模软件)的操作极其简单,无论是初学者还是老鸟都可以轻松的上手,支持导入打开绝大部分的 3D 建模格式文件,而且还有多个不同的镜头角度.本站提供Verto Studio 3D for Mac (3d建模软件)最新版下载!

Verto Studio 3D for Mac (3d建模软件)  软件介绍

Verto Studio 3D 是一款 3D 建模软件,跟其他 3D 建模软件不同的是,它的操作极其简单,无论是初学者还是老鸟都可以轻松的上手,支持导入打开绝大部分的 3D 建模格式文件,而且还有多个不同的镜头角度.

Verto Studio 3D for Mac (3d建模软件)  官方介绍

Verto Studio 3D is an innovative, fully-functional 3D modeling program designed to rival over-complicated studio modeling programs. It strives to push the boundaries of what is capable on the Mac while retaining as simplistic of an interface as possible. With use of the "auto tool", the user can intuitively gesture using taps, swipes, pinches and twirls to quickly alter the scene as they see fit. Features

Import for the following formats: Collada (.dae), Blender 3D (.blend), 3ds Max 3DS (.3ds), 3ds Max, ASE (.ase), Wavefront Object (.obj), Stanford Polygon Library (.ply), AutoCAD DXF (.dxf), LightWave (.lwo), Modo (.lxo), Stereolithography (.stl), AC3D (.ac), Milkshape 3D (.ms3d), TrueSpace (.cob,.scn), Valve Model (.smd,.vta), Quake I Mesh (.mdl), Quake II Mesh (.md2), Quake III Mesh (.md3), Quake III BSP (.pk3), Return to Castle Wolfenstein (.mdc), Doom 3 (.md5*), Biovision BVH (.bvh), CharacterStudio Motion (.csm), DirectX X (.x), BlitzBasic 3D (.b3d), Quick3D (.q3d,.q3s), Ogre XML (.mesh.xml), Irrlicht Mesh (.irrmesh), Irrlicht Scene (.irr), Neutral File Format (.nff), Sense8 WorldToolKit (.nff), Object File Format (.off), PovRAY Raw (.raw), Terragen Terrain (.ter), 3D GameStudio (.mdl), 3D GameStudio Terrain (.hmp), Izware Nendo (.ndo)

OBJ File export Multi-touch support for rotate and pinch gestures for editing. Verto Studio mobile file format support and exchange via email

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v2.1.4版本新功能 Version 2.1.4: bug fixes